Judge Ray Harding

When resolutions cannot be reached what can you do?

In almost every situation dealing with two or more people disagreements can arise, which, unfortunately, can lead to major conflicts. Especially if money is involved in any way, shape or form. Many times it is hard when conflicts have surfaced for people to step back and objectively look at that situation. When personal feelings are involved it sometimes can get even trickier.
At this point many times it is wise to bring in a mediator. This unbiased third party can help the parties come to a resolution, many times more quickly than if the two tried on their own. This method is well suited to find an agreement before any trials, law suits or rifts in a family, business or relationship may ensue. 
A mediator can be hired by a law office, a business, a family or any other organization needing help in calming troubled waters. It is their job to not take sides, but to help each party see the subject in a new light and to reach a compromise that may have been out of reach before.